ITALY - Russell Bedford Sitax maintains its service from home

March 2020

Faced with the health situation we are going through, at Russell Bedford SITAX we have taken contingency measures so that our service can continue to function as normally as possible.

We understand that this is a time when we have to offer you the maximum support, so we will strive to make our consulting service work at full capacity. In this sense, all the offices in Italy keep in contact on a daily basis and work in a coordinated way so that the members of our teams collaborate to give maximum support to our clients even in extreme circumstances such as those we are experiencing.

Given the activation of the alarm state in Italy, we continue to take calls, emails and hold videoconference meetings with our clients. Our team of professionals is already teleworking from home, so, for any matter, you can continue to communicate with your advisor as usual, by phone and email within the working hours. In case of not being able to attend you by telephone, we promise to give a quick response by email.

We encourage you to send us any questions that may arise or any initiative that can help improve our services.

We remain attentive to the aspects that may affect the professional activity of each of our clients and we will recommend the most appropriate measures and actions for each case against the effects that this situation has on each business.