Sitax can number among its clients first-tier corporations and organizations operating nationally and internationally in various industries, in the tertiary sector, and in finance and insurance services as well as individuals in need of better management of their family assets.

The care of details and on clients’ needs, regardless if they are corporations, organizations, individuals or families, is the key of our success. Our advice and consultancy are always tailored and based on a thorough assessment of the clients’ situation, their markets and considering Client’s specific requests.

Our Clients are never surprised for our fees, because we always aim at finding the best solution for each client, with flexibility, loyalty, balance and transparency.


Our national and international experience and our relationships in the  industrial, logistics and retail sectors, allow us to offer advice with the highest level of quality and with services tailored to Clients’ needs.

Thanks to the experience of our professionals and based on our knowledge of the markets , we are able to  propose financial and corporate alternatives for industrial enterprises, as well as  improvement for commercial and retail enterprises . We have resources and professionals to help all our Clients to become more competitive, adapt to the digital economy and transform themselves to continue growing in a global and demanding environment.



The technology industry is one of the most dynamic and, in turn, acts as a catalyst for other industries. The unstoppable digitalization of the systems is leading to a change in the habits of the consumers and also affecting the habits of the companies. In the last two decades, telecommunications companies have not stopped investing in new technologies and equipment that not only offer a wide variety of services but also accelerate the speed of most processes, be it communication or messaging. instantaneous and social networks, the consumption in increasingly agile e-commerce platforms or the collaborative economy through mobile applications, all within the reach of a click.

Digital devices now reach every corner of the planet, are used massively and generate an immense volume of information, which has led to the emergence of new business models and even new industries such as Big Data.

The accelerated process of change experienced by this sector can often be challenging. For this reason, our multidisciplinary teams and the support of a global network make us the ideal ally for technology companies that require audit services, tax advice, accounting and labor management and consultancy in matters of regulation, purchase / sale of assets, transfer pricing, finding the best funding solutions or mergers and acquisitions.



After the recent EU regulatory reform, which approves ambitious energy and climate change targets, companies in the energy and environment sectors in Italy and in Europe are faced with the challenge of introducing deep changes in the business model to adapt to the new expectations of customers and regulators, creating value for their shareholders.

In this context, the Italian energy sector not only faces the fulfillment of these European objectives, but also it will have to face the recovery of the demand, the irruption of new technologies, the international commitments in the matter of reduction of emissions and development of renewable energies. , All this added to the continuous search for efficiency through innovation and diversification of the industry to adapt to new circumstances.

Our firm is highly specialized on energy industry and provides specific advice and assistance in tax matters (income tax, VAT, IMU, tax and other taxes) to companies operating in the renewable energy sector (photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, biomass, etc.).



Our services in the Real Estate and hotel sector are aimed at helping our clients to develop strategies aimed at obtaining a better performance within the real estate sector, as well as to optimize the company's management model to adapt them to the new growth context, professionalization or entry into capital markets.

We provide corporate, fiscal and financial advice in direct investment operations and corporate operations of any nature. This specific support is materialized in a turn-key" service that extends throughout the development and construction process, from the purchase of the land to the final sale.

We work for local and multinational companies in the real estate and hotel sectors with a team of specialists in financial advice and business management.