Transfer pricing

Our firm provides specialized assistance on  transfer pricing issues such as:

  • Determination of the normal value and assistance  in international ruling procedures
  • Drafting of supporting documents (master file, country file)
  • Economic analysis

Tax litigation and Tax inspections

Our firm has a dedicated area for tax litigation supporting our clients throughout tax pre-litigation and litigation procedures before tax authorities, tax court and the Supreme Court as well. We take care of:

  • Assistance in dealings with the Fiscal Administration, filing of applications, queries and interpellations
  • Assistance in the case of fiscal inspections and service of deed filing and notification
  • Assistance in extrajudicial procedures;
  • Tax cases before the Italian fiscal jurisdiction
  • Tax cases before the Italian Supreme Court

mergers and acquisitions

  • Analysis of the tax situation to avoid risks and create value in the transaction
  • Design of the most efficient tax structure
  • Technical consultancy in negotiation
  • Supervision of the implementation of the acquisition structure

General Tax

Our firm provides assistance and support in direct and indirect taxation. We specialize in:

  • M&A and corporate restructuring as well as ordinary transactions
  • assistance and advice for residents and non-residents, companies, individuals and organizations
  • tax compliances management for companies, organization and individuals, both residents and non-residents
  • professional opinion on tax law application in the national and international domain
  • relationship management with tax authorities, claim and interrogations filing, assistance in case of tax audit and inspections

Energy taxation

Our firm is highly specialized in the energy industry and provides Italian and international companies operating in the renewable energy sector (photovoltaic, thermo-solar, wind and biomass) with advice and specific assistance on taxation issues (revenue tax, Robin Hood Tax, VAT, local estate tax, excise tax, other taxes).