• Monthly preparation of pay slips and periodic payments for the payment of tax and social security deductions
  • General labor consultancy

Definition of remuneration and incentive structures for employees and managers:

  • Staff remuneration structure
  • Stock option plans
  • Pension funds
  • Negotiation and drafting of tax clauses in employment contracts.

Assistance for staff on international mobility (expatriates):

  • cost planning related to mobility (posting)
  • implementation of international mobility policies (tax equalization, tax protection, etc.)
  • communications and labor law, social security and immigration process management


  • Data processing for accounting and administrative management of companies
  • Assistance and consultancy in the preparation of annual and / or period financial statements
  • Assistance and advice on the preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Receipt of correspondence at our offices of Italian and foreign companies
  • Processing of documents and communications with the Business Register and other public offices
  • Temporary management of companies